Customer Targeting

Imagine your ad reaching 10,000 households in your local area while your competiton is…


The Giant Value Card only advertises NON-COMPETING businesses. This is our key policy and always will be. Our clients have the right to be 100% sure that their offer will not be swamped or watered down by being stuffed in with a bunch of others of the same type. As long as you have reserved and continue to hold your spot, it is locked down: we will no longer solicit or accept ads from that type of business in that area.

As part of the same policy, we invite only the best, carefully-selected area businesses to participate in the Giant Value Card program. Yes, money is important – but our reputation is, and always will be more important. We will not take on a business that does not provide quality goods or services to their customers… and we will not invite a business to participate unless we believe it’s healthy and able to care for the needs of an increased flow of customers.

Areas of Distribution

Your special offer or coupon will reach 10,000 affluent local households with disposable income which are exactly the clients you have been dreaming about! The Giant Value Card does not saturate ZIP codes like other companies do, vainly hoping to bring new customers to your business; we go after specially chosen neighborhoods within 5 miles from your business while skipping parts of town that have been shown to not take advantage of special offers.


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