How Does It Work?

Giant Value Card GRABS and HOLDS the attention of anyone who sees it (if you’ve stopped by our offices and seen one, you know exactly what we mean.) People can’t take their eyes off it! It towers over the rest of a household’s mail like a GIANT, so it is impossible to miss. This means your ad will ALSO be impossible to miss, giving your business the local attention it deserves.




The customers you want to reach the most – the ones in your neighborhood – are exactly the ones that the Giant Value Card reaches, in a fast, efficient manner with a proven track record. When the Giant Value Card arrives, it immediately becomes the King of the mailbox – the most likely thing they’ll grab first!

Not Only Does It Bring In New Business…

,,,but your old, trusted customers are more likely to drop in to take advantage of your special offer. And if you design your coupon as a loyalty card, it’ll keep them coming back!

New business… customer retention… an increased re-visit rate… larger group sizes… larger orders… the Giant Value Card can help with all of these. Tell us if you have a particular purpose in mind, and we’ll be happy to advise you on creating the perfect offer to fill your hot spot and put your business in TURBO mode!

Putting Your Message in the Right Hands

Each Giant Value Card is precision-targeted to the most affluent neighborhoods within 5 miles of your business… in fact, we go down to the street level in our research in order to pinpoint the best possible customers for your offer. It is a proven fact that low income neighborhoods do not take advantage of coupons and specials at nearly the rate that more affluent neighborhoods do. The more affluent neighborhoods also have more disposable income to spend – and in this economy, when “stay-cations” and cooking at home are becoming the new norm, every new customer is a welcome addition.

The Process

Making the magic of the Giant Value Card happen takes a lot of work and expertise; if you’ve ever tried doing even a small mailing, you can appreciate just how complicated it can be. Fortunately for you, we do it all: everything from designing the Giant Value Card for maximum visual impact to being fully compliant with the appropriate US Postal regulations.

Here is the process that a Giant Value Card goes through:

1) We integrate the copy and the design of your offer into the Giant Value Card
2) Once all the offers have been inserted, we review the entire card and finalize it
3) We process, bundle, and mark the cards for correct routing
4) We deliver the 10,000 cards (that’s almost six hundred pounds of glossy cardstock!) to the appropriate Postal centers
5) Since they’re pre-sorted, they get sent out almost immediately – even faster than 1st class mail!

…and you get to see the most exciting part of the process: new clients coming in to redeem their coupons!

The Giant Value Card team handles all of the above steps for you; delivering the Giant Value Card to your new local clients is handled by the U.S. Postal Service.

With prices starting as low as 3.9¢ per household, it’s super-affordable. Grab your chance to be the star of your local community TODAY!

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